Spring has sprung in Parker: Now it’s your turn

Winter is giving up the ghost, the days are getting longer, the sun is warming the earth and life is bursting forth all around us.

Happy Spring!

blue flax flower benefits of flax seed to your healthNow we can open our windows, let fresh air blow through, relish the sun, clean our homes, renew our bodies (traditionally this is a time of cleansing diets, detoxification, massage, saunas and hot tubs among other things) and go for a hike or at least a walk – every day!

Did any New Year’s resolutions fall apart? Hey, it happens; you’re only human. But now is a great time to put them back together. Spring is a time for renewal, new life, growth and health.

Let the energy of spring propel you to greater heights of health, happiness and fulfillment. And as part of your springtime ritual, come in for one of our wonderful chiropractic checkups and adjustments – it’ll help restore you to balance and help your energies flow.

Not sure where to go to exercise? There are lots of family recreation resources here, Parker fitness center here and fun things to do in Parker here on The Parker Buzz. There are no excuses now… get active, you’ll feel better.